Why Hire Us?

We Are Professional Pet Sitters

We are insured, a registered business and all staff have provided police clearances every 2 years. We are constantly making sure our knowledge is up to date through research and training, and have been operating since 2012 with over 10 years of experience between Keira and Maxine. We are friendly, happy and caring people who simply love animals and want to provide the best care and the best customer service to our amazing clients. 

We are Environmentally Friendly

We have recently overhauled our supply closet and are constantly working to improve our impact on the environment. From our reusable water bottles, to the non-toxic and natural-based cleaners we prefer to use, and our biodegradable compostable poo bags, we are making every effort to make the world a better place for our kids and our furkids for many years to come.

We Provide Individual, Personalised Service

Whether it is dog walking routes, feeding schedules, medications, litter trays or even cuddle time, we take our cues from YOU! If you want us to take care of your furkid in a particular way, we will endeavour to meet your standards and exceed them every time. Some dogs like to walk the same route every day, others like to change it up and some just want a continuous game of fetch. Whatever their needs are, we aim to get to know them so well that we can provide all the love and care that is possible.

Your Peace of Mind is Important to Us

Before your first booking, we always conduct an initial meeting for you and your furkids to meet us and vice versa. We then provide daily feedback in the form of an email containing a summary of the visit and a photo of your loved one. You are also able to log on to check our visits in realtime and contact us at any point for additional updates. We are always conscious of security in and around your house, and always ensure every entry is locked and secure at every visit. We can open different window coverings and alternate the lights that are on as well for added security. We bring in your mail daily so there is no buildup letting anyone know you are not home, and all of our staff have provided police clearances. 

We Give Back to the Community

We support local animal rescues whenever possible, raising money for and donating to rescues such as the Animal Protection Society, and donating to charity and school fundraisers.