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September Pet of the Month

We have a duo this time. Mia and Mouse. A mother son duo they are oh so little and cute. Both spunky and full of sass. Mia is a sweet girl, a little shy and definitely unsure of new people, but hey, sometimes new people freak me out too, so I get where she is coming from. She dislikes going for walks with a fiery passion, so after five to ten minutes she likes to get a lift. Mia tries to avoid going for a walk by snuggling into her bed and refusing to look at me.

Mouse on the other hand loves his walks. He gets super excited when I get out his lead. If I take too long, he climbs up my legs to give me all the kisses. He runs to the door and then struts his way around the streets. He hides next to my legs when people are too loud. He loves treats, he sits and stays like the clever boy he is and he is just an all-round great dog. I can imagine he would be a complete cuddle bug.

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