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Pet of the MONTH - October 2019 - Myah

On occasion we meet an animal who has had a rough time at some point in their past, this can often cause them to be wary of new people, timid, shy or anxious. Some dogs express their fear by growling, barking, showing their teeth, or hiding. These dogs can’t be judged on their response to new people, they just need a different approach and time.

A few months ago we met Myah, she was described as an absolute sweetheart, just anxious and a bit scared around new people, she also wasn’t a big fan of males. We were going to walk her a couple of times a week. Going into her meet I knew we would have to go about it all a little different to usual.

We arrived and she was so nervous, she sniffed our hands, growled at us and hid behind her pawrents.

We spent some time chatting with her pawrents and talking to her, she would have a moment of braveness and then run and hide. We knew taking her out for the first time would be scary for her, so we took her for a walk with her pawrents. They held the lead, then passed it to us and we took turns walking with her. She spent three quarters of the walk looking back and uncomfortable about the fact we had her lead, but by the end she didn’t care. She still wasn’t overly keen on pats when we got back, but after sitting and chatting with her mum for a while she realised we weren’t there to hurt her. She ended up sitting next to me on the coach, giving me slobbery kisses and letting me give her plenty of pats.

It was one of my most satisfying days at work.

Fast forward to now - She is the most loving, affectionate girl. I arrive and am greeted with a full body slam of love, she then proceeds to initiate horse sized zoomies around the backyard, flops onto her back for a belly rub and then off we go for a wonderful walk in the wild.

She no longer flinches when we walk past loud noises, last week she got so excited when she saw another dog, she wanted to play. Today she saw a lady and stopped to sniff her, she wanted a pat. I can’t fully express how proud of her I am. She has improved, not just a little bit, she has come along in leaps and bounds.

Now when we get back from her walks, she is all tuckered out and ready for a nap.

Myah’s favourite things include her pawrents, pigs ears, water, belly rubs, and her walks. She is an absolute pleasure to walk and we love having her as part of our Prefurred Pet Care Family.

- Maxine

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