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The doggo I want to tell you about today is a perfect gentleman. He soothes my soul. I could sit and lay my head on him for hours if he would let me. I always feel super chilled after our walks together.

Spot is a boxer x staffy with a whole heap of handsome thrown in. He has sweet little spots on his legs.

I didn’t get to do Spots initial meet n greet, so our first meeting was a get to know each other. Spot doesn’t give his love or trust out easily and although he loves his walks, he was nervous. So much so that on our first foray out into the big wide world we only made it halfway down the street and then headed home for some pats. Next time though we had a fantastic walk, he sniffed everything and marked everything as his own. He has never looked back.

Spot has wonderful manners and while he isn’t a fan of most other dogs, he doesn’t pull or bark, he just raises his hackles a little, (although he does have one nemesis who stirs him up so we avoid that street now).

Spot loves going in the car, he loves pats and chilling out surveying his yard, he loves his crate and all the treats.

Spot is so special he can even open doors. He is an all-round good boi who we love visiting.

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