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Pet Business Spotlight on Dooley's Treats and Funky Bowtique Accessories

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I’ve decided it’s time for a new addition to our blog; featuring local and online small businesses. I’m hoping to feature one small business a month.

First up we have -

Dooley’s Treats and Funky Bowtique Accessories

Homemade dog treats and homemade dog bandanas and accessories? Yes please.

I came across this company at the Kelmscott show. I’m always on the lookout for something new to give my dog as a treat. I do have to be careful with my boy as he has been known to react to certain foods, but with only a few ingredients in each treat they are suitable for most dogs.

The dog treats come in four flavours

- Sardines and Turmeric

- Peanut Butter and Bacon

- Liver and Cheese

- Kangaroo and Carrot

I’ve tested each of them on my boy and he was a big fan of each flavour. They are hard and my dog has a couple of bad teeth, so he only gets a couple at a time and I check his mouth after. He would have eaten the whole bag if I let him as he is a pig.

They also sell bandanas, bows, jackets and bags.

The Dooley’s treats and funky bowtique accessories team can be found at your local shows, just head to their facebook page to see where they will be next.

Facebook – Dooley’s Treats.

If you have tried these or you pick yourself up some, let us know what your pup thinks?

- By Maxine

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