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November Pet(s) of the month!

This month I wanted to shine a light a few puppers. Cleo and Colt and their rainbow brother Jake.

We have been visiting this client for 2 ½yrs, and as those who have been following us for a while would know, it was Jake and Cleo to begin with. When I was working out how I was going to put this piece about the pups together I couldn’t imagine doing it without talking about Jake.

Jake had the most dominant personality; he was so sweet and affectionate and absolutely loved being the first to receive the pats and bum scratches. It was only once he was done that Cleo would come in for her pats. He was also the most chilled dog. As we come into the warmer months, I’m reminded of the times we would lay in the sun together watching Cleo trim the grass. My head on his side or his head on my shoulder, like I said, he was incredibly affectionate. He crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018 and left a huge hole in his family’s heart.

He was incredibly loved and still is. As is Cleo and now Colt.

Cleo is the quiet achiever. Whenever I look at her the word regal pops into my head. She seems so placid and chilled, which she is, but if she wants her back/bum area scratched and I try and pat her head, she becomes very insistent and reverses into perfect butt scratching position, if I move, she moves. She knows what she wants. I love to give her head smooches. She lets me. She has become quite assertive, which is fun to watch.

Colt, who is now bigger and heavier than her knows that she is the Queen and he must listen to her. They play and wrestle and he likes to hold onto her neck skin, but the moment she says no, he lets go. One of my favourite things, is that in the last year she has started playing a lot more. Maybe Colt has taught her how fun games can be, I don’t know, but she

will pick up a blanket and play her version of tug-o-war (you can’t tug it to hard, she doesn’t hold on the tightest) and she plays fetch on occasion. She likes to bark at the mailman and the neighbour’s dog when he offends her and Colt follows behind stirring her up like a little brother should.

Colt is a bundle of chaotic energy and I love it. He is so young still, that I don’t think he is 100% coordinated yet. He is big and goofy and has the most divine ears. They are big and floppy and incredibly soft, perfect for when we have head rubs. Our first time meeting him, Keira and I went together and I’m pretty sure I spent 90% of the visit laying on the ground with him. He was so full of life and he still is. He doesn’t just walk around; he gallops. And his face screams happiness. He hugs, I’ve not met a dog that hugs before. He doesn’t jump and hug, he uses his head and neck, it’s the best.

He is so playful, and he stirs Cleo up. He loves wrestling with Cleo and goes to extraordinary lengths to get her to pay attention to him. He is smitten with her and follows her every time she runs to a different part of the yard. Colt is a boy that likes his blankets, they are good for tug-o-war and carrying around wherever you go. When it’s time to go inside I tell him to go and get his blankie and he does. I have gotten to watch him grow up and it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Cleo and Colt are both part cow, they do their very best to keep the lawn down for their dad, but I’m not sure how helpful they are actually being. Some of their favourite things besides eating grass include, doggy yoga, bum scratches, cuddles, head boops, food, treats, their pawrents of course and visiting the puppies at the fence.

Written by Maxine

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