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Looking for a new best friend?

I did a post a few weeks ago about getting a cat and it’s now time to talk about bringing a dog into your home.

Dogs are fantastic, they are loving, loyal, fun, and finally they are work. When you decide to get a new dog there are many things you need to consider?

Does your house have a yard or are you in a unit?

Are you renting or do you own your home?

Do you work long hours or are you home a lot?

Do you have time to put the required training in?

Are you active and physically fit?

Do you want a dog that will hike with you, go for runs or love heading to the beach?

Would you like a dog that is content with a small walk?

Are you after a puppy, an adult dog or maybe a mature lady or gent?

Once you have answered those questions you can begin to narrow in on the age and type of dog you want. I said it in my earlier post, but Keira and I both have rescue dogs, my dog was 2 ½ when we got him, he was an absolute dream from the first. I’ve been incredibly lucky. My family and I decided we didn’t want a puppy, but still wanted a dog that our family could grow up with, I’ve always had bully breeds and we love staffy’s temperaments, so we were able to narrow it down to that breed and then selected a rescue we wanted to work with and just waited until we came across one that would fit our family.

If you choose to buy from a registered breeder, many have wait lists, so ensure you get in contact and they will give you the information you need.

What you need to bring your dog home

- Collar, lead and a tag with your number engraved on it

- Food and water bowl

- Food (check with whoever you are getting the dog from as abruptly changing food can cause stomach upsets)

- Treats

- Toys

- Bed for inside as well as outside

If you get a dog from a rescue, the dog will come fixed, microchipped, vet work done and

immunisations up to date.

Perth based rescues

Dogs Refuge Home -

Desperate For Love Dog Pound Inc -

Safe Perth -

Staffy And Bully Breed Rescue -

Wish Animal Rescue -

K9 Dog Rescue -

Animal Protection Society of WA -


GeyhoundAngels of WA -

Greyhound Adoptions WA -

A few random thoughts to finish this post off –

Rescues are always looking for foster carers. If you aren’t ready for a 10 - 15year commitment, this is

a great way to get your canine fix and you are literally saving lives.

Greyhounds are some of the most low maintenance dogs you will come across. They sleep a lot and

are quite affectionate.

There are many more rescues out there if you can’t find what you are looking for here.

Many rescues accept donations.

If you are buying from a breeder, do your homework and ensure they are registered.

Is your dog a rescue? Are you thinking about getting a rescue? We would love to hear.

Post written by Maxine

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