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January Updates

Hey Prefurred family, it’s been a while!

We hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas, spent lots of time with loved ones and are all ready to kick 2020’s butt.

A big thank you to our regular clients who keep coming back, we appreciate your support and love spending time with your pets. To our new clients I want to say welcome, thank you for trying us, we know it isn’t easy to leave beloved pets in the care of a stranger, so we appreciate you giving us a chance. Thank you to those who support us, reviews, telling your friends and liking/sharing on FB or Instagram.

Christmas was very busy here, I got to shove my face into so many cats and rub dogs’ ears. I have been in my own little utopia. It’s been chaotic at times but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As some of you may know, Keira is teaching me some of the office stuff, and you know what, I’m not a natural. You tell me a cat will hide and I won't see it during my visits and I’ll send you a photo of me and the cat loving each other by the end of the first visit, you ask me to do something on the computer and I need step by step instructions. I do find it quite interesting though and I’m excited about all things Prefurred Pet Care.

The blog will be back to the usual business in February. We will have pet of the month, and business spotlight and I’m hoping to start trying pet recipes for you all. I’d love to be able to make some natural treats for my own highly allergic dog and share them with you.

Just a couple of reminders about our Dog Walking services –

Also, for those who have new additions we who aren’t yet used to being at home on their own all day, we can do a middle of the day pet sitting visit. We will let them out to go to the toilet, play with them and whatever else needs to be done. This is a fantastic option if you work long hours.

If you haven’t checked out our Instagram page, I highly recommend it. It’s where we post all the cute and cuddly content.

You will also see from the abundance of photos and how often they are on our stories that we have had some long-term visits. We have been lucky enough to visit Beau and Sasha twice a day, everyday for the past month. And let me tell you, these two have an insane amount of personality. Both are loving, sweet, cuddly and adventurous furkids. Beau just has a slight Mr Hyde problem and gets a little aggressive when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. But hey, we aren’t perfect so we can’t expect him to be either. I should probably point out Beau is a cat; he is 100% royalty. Sasha the big, happy, tail wagging, lab is quite old and she can have a hard time getting up and down, but she is always thrilled, no matter how sore she might be. She loves exploring and likes to visit her neighbours if given the chance. She is the type of dog that you could just curl up next to and snuggle and relax (yes, I may have done this more than once, she makes an excellent little spoon).

Anyway, the point of this was to tell you that I have now had my very first incident in which I had to take an animal to the vets. When I arrived, Sasha wasn’t herself and seemed to have trouble moving, obviously my psycho brain went straight to “Oh god, please don’t be a stroke.” Her left leg wasn’t holding her up and she couldn’t stand up without falling. Then I went to maybe it’s an ear infection. She was still the happiest dog you have ever seen. Her tail did not stop wagging. For two hours we sat on the driveway, waiting for the vet appointment; her laying alongside my leg, me patting her with one hand and killing time on my phone with the other, I just kept telling her she had to be still for a while. Beau, who is an inside only cat, was so unimpressed about not being the centre of my attention he did a revenge poo in the bath the next day.

We went to the client’s vet, Roleystone Animal Hospital. From the moment we entered they were so fantastic with her. They got her mats to walk and sit on, by this stage she could only really walk if she was leaning against my leg to prevent her fall. They listened to everything I had to say and came to an assessment of vertigo. Apparently with dogs of a certain age it can appear out of nowhere, there is no medicine you can give to cure it. Actually, there is no real cure.

There is a treatment that can help the symptoms and it was a sight to behold. The vets wanted to gently get the furry things in her inner ear moving again in the hopes it would ease her symptoms. The treatment included holding her head and body in certain positions and then gently moving to the next and so on until they had completed the entire sequence. Think gentle Brazilian jujitsu with a dog. It was epic and Sasha was such a good girl, she hardly fidgeted, she was being rolled around on the floor and she tolerated it,

like the angel she is. Within 48 hours she could stand up and down with ease, 72 hours later and she has started taking herself for walks to the end of the driveway and back. She has moments of being wobbly, but isn’t scared to get herself downstairs. I still have to lift her up the stairs but honestly, I don’t care. She is moving so well, that sometimes I sit there and tear up. I’m so proud of her.

Their pawrents are back soon, I’m going to miss seeing them. My kids will miss hearing stories about them. They are going to be so happy though; Sasha might even manage a jump, her tail will not stop and I doubt she will leave her dads side and Beau will talk so loudly, everyone will know they are home.

Until next time Prefurred family

- Maxine

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