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December Pet(s) of the Month!

It’s pets of the month this time. Sprocket, Mokey and Juno.

They were a duo for the longest time, Sprocket was the grumpy old man and Mokey was the sweet, playful girl. Then in came Juno to bring chaos, adventure and never-ending energy to the house. Mokey hated her, Sprocket was his usual self. Now that Juno is growing up into a sweet, chaotic, adventurous young girl, Mokey still dislikes her and Sprocket; Well Sprocket still doesn’t care either way. I do think that Sprocket and Mokey have bonded over their disdain of the interloper though, they seem closer than ever.

Each of the cats have their own personality. They are so different in every way. I love them dearly. As I said above, Sprocket is the resident grumpy old man. He takes a while to warm up to new people. It took him near on a year to come up to me for a pat and to let me pick him up for a cuddle (I could pick him up for a cuddle before his meal though, he is super affectionate when he wants something). Now though he rubs himself on my legs as he walks past and sits just out of reach waiting for me to pat him. He likes to make me work for it. He is very playful, but he tries to hide it deep down inside. They key is usually a small stick across the ground.

When he isn’t sleeping in a wardrobe, he likes to be outside in his epic cat run. He has the most beautiful markings, a little bowtie on his mouth and he has white tootsies. The day he decided we were almost friends was so satisfying. Now even after a couple of months between visits, he still lets me love him. He will come over for a chin scratch and then sprawl just out of reach… I love his style.

Mokey, I love her. She is incredibly loving. She fits perfectly in my arms, with her paws over my shoulder, checking out the world from new heights. She loves head boops and I often inhale her fur and choke on it a little. She has a wonderful purr. She is a big fan of eating her own food and then eating Sprockets wet food. She has always been incredibly playful. She loves the feather toys. She is a licker. She washes my face, and will wash my hands and then rub herself on them. She has a beautiful coat. She loves sunbathing and often watches me out the window as I’m leaving to make me feel guilty (yes it works). This year she has started spending time outside exploring on the lead.

It’s one of her favourite things to do and it helped her avoid Juno’s craziness. I also like being able to say that I’m off to work to walk a cat. It sounds awesome. She is truly as sweet as they come. Juno is the latest addition to the family. She is a gorgeous Bengal with beautiful markings and glitter. She tolerates being picked up even though she doesn’t love it, she likes to be free. She has the biggest purr on her. She is an adventurous girl, who doesn’t seem scared of anything. She even rubs herself on Sprocket which makes me laugh every time. She likes to do zoomies through the house and out into the cat run. There is a decent amount of greenery in the cat run and she stalks through it. She has a total hunter’s nature.

She loves to stalk everything; Toys, Mokey, sticks, my shoelaces. Last visit my shoe offended her in some unknown way, while it was on my foot, and she spent half of my visit attacking my shoe and occasionally my leg. She is so much fun to watch and interact with. Juno also has a habit of waiting for me to clean out the litter tray and then climbing into it and doing whatever she needs to do while staring directly at me. It is the ultimate power move.

They are a wonderful trio, who are loved dearly.

- By Maxine

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