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Is it time for a four-legged friend?

Are you thinking about getting a new friend? A cat can make a fantastic addition to your family. They are independent, fun and sweet, but they are also a big commitment. Cats can live for over 15 years, they require vet care, a good diet and some require a lot of stimulation.

Once you decide to get your very own cat, it’s best to get prepared. Cats need a litter and tray, food and water bowl, kitten or cat food, toys, a place for them to scratch and a bed. Cats can take a time to get comfortable, so have a place they can retreat to when it all gets too much. Oh and don’t forget a carrier.

We are big advocates for animal rescue here at Prefurred Pet Care. We are lucky enough that all of our four-legged friends have been rescues. There are many kittens and cats out there who need homes, so we thought we would put a list of rescues together for your convenience.

The great thing about rescues is that you really can find a cat to suit your individual needs. Just speak to the wonderful volunteers and they can help you find the perfect fit.

Do you live in an apartment? Do you have kids? Are you away from home for long hours during the day? Do you want a more chilled out cat? Can you offer a shy baby a loving home? Are you hoping for an older fluffer to keep you company? Cat rescues have a cat for everyone.

9 Lives Cat Rescue -

Safe Perth -

Cat Haven -

Perth Rescue Angels -

Animal Protection Society of WA -

Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group Inc -

Impound Feline Rescue -


WA Pet Project -

H.A.A.R.T – see pet rescue

Pet Rescue -

We hope that if you are looking, you find your new best friend.

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