Keira May

Pet Sitter & Dog Walker & Owner

Keira is the owner or Prefurred Pet Care and gets to do all the fun (read: boring) office stuff before she heads out to visit her extended prefurred family. Keira enjoys the variety of walking, visiting and most importantly - cuddling all the creatures (except spiders - no thank you)

With one dog, three cats, and a toddler of the non-fur variety, Keira LOVES to keep organised to ensure every little creature depending on her receives the best of care. 


Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

Maxine is a loving, attentive and caring person. She enthusiatically takes care of the needs of all fur and feather kids, and a head boop or smooch from a new friend will just plain make her day!


Maxine will go out of her way to ensure your fur babies get the best care and attention and make sure they are happy and healthy.

With one gorgeous dog, a bird and a fearless rescue kitty of her own and a love of all things furry and fluffy, Maxine has loads of love to give to all the amazing pets we take care of.