Our Story

Prefurred pet care was created by Keira in early 2012, when it was initially called - wait for it - "Keira's Pet Care". I know. So original. By November 2012 she had decided that she loved it so much that she wanted to get serious about rebranding and expanding (sweet rhyme!). Prefurred Pet Care was born from the need for a pet sitting and dog walking service in the area, and the passion to really create a reliable, loving and efficient service. Then in early 2017, the amazing Maxine came on board and every pet has fallen in love with her since (and Keira had her first day off in a veeeeeery long time). Maxine and Keira initially bonded over their love of reading, and then over their love of animals before joining forces to extract all the cuddles from every furry and feathered creature who would let them <3